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Board Agendas & Minutes

SE Uplift Board

Below are the current SE Uplift board meeting agendas and minutes. 

2021 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

January 2021PDFPDF
February 2021PDFPDF
March 2021PDFPDF
April 2021PDFPDF
May 2021PDFPDF
June 2021PDFPDF
July 2021PDFPDF
August 2021 No MeetingNo Meeting
September 2021PDFPDF
October 2021PDFPDF
November 2021PDFPDF
December 2021PDFPDF

2022 Meeting Agendas & Minutes

January 2022PDFPDF
February 2022PDFPDF
March 2022PDFPDF
April 2022PDFPDF
May 2022PDFPDF
June 2022PDFPDF
July 2022PDFPDF
August 2022 No MeetingNo Meeting
September 2022PDFPDF
October 2022PDFPDF
November 2022PDFPDF
December 2022PDFPDF


Saturday. November 19  1-5pm | Center for Native Arts and Culture  |  800 SE 10th Ave, 2nd Floor 

  • Members of the public who wish to attend must register here by 5pm Friday, November 18.
  • Click here to view the agenda, directions, accessibility features and COVID-19 protocols.

If you would like to stop by one of our meetings to hear us discuss these topics, the meetings are held every first Monday of the month at SE Uplift starting at 7:00pm. During COVID-19 all meetings are being held remotely until further notice. The agendas will be posted to this page seven days prior to the board meeting and the minutes, a month after the board meeting.

If you would like to get on an agenda, please see this page where the process is outlined.

To find meeting agendas and minutes older than 2021, please visit this resource library archiving minutes dating back to 2014.

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