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about us.

Established in 1968, SE Uplift has been building grassroots civic engagement for over fifty years. We believe in :

  • Relationship-Building: Personal connections and networks strengthen our communities.
  • Community Involvement: Organized neighbors can shape the future of our communities, including envisioning and enacting positive change. Through collaboration, we co-create the communities we want to inhabit.
  • Grassroots Democracy: We all have a role in determining the character and future of our city through grassroots, bottom-to-top participation.
  • Sharing, Teaching and Learning: With tools, support, and opportunities to connect, we can effect positive change.
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness: In an inclusive, multicultural environment, through which we can explore our differences and come together around common interests and goals.
  • Building Capacity: We strengthen our communities as we strengthen our neighborhood associations, community based organizations and business districts.

Our focus

SE Uplift has resources to help you begin your movement
Capacity Building

We support community organizations with a variety of resources to build movements!

Grant Programs

Our grants support grassroots efforts in the community. Learn more and register for a workshop!


Want to get involved with us? We have several active committees, some with opportunities for anyone in SE to participate!

Event Space Rental

Need a space to host a meeting or event? Check out our spaces and the costs!

Our team

Meet our small but mighty team
Nanci Champlin

Executive Director
503-232-0010 x1

Alex Cherin

Partnerships & Grantmaking Programs Manager
503-232-0010 x2

Matchu Williams

Neighborhood Planning & Liaison Manager
503-232-0010 x4


503-232-0010 x0

Fiscal Sponsorship

503-232-0010 x3

nanci [at]

alex [at]

matchu [at]

operations [at]

fs [at]

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