Advocacy Action Request

Board Advocacy

SE Uplift works closely with the 20 coalition neighborhoods to effectively address issues of concern at the neighborhood, coalition and citywide levels. SE Uplift uses it resources and access to decision-makers to amplify the voice of the neighborhoods, and to influence policy, funding and outcomes. The advocacy program is responsive to the neighborhoods’ immediate issues, while also working to bring about long-term change.


SE Uplift uses the following vetting process to identify and address advocacy issues:

Step 1: All requests for action must be submitted in writing using the advocacy request form (PDF, Word) ideally by the 2nd Wednesday of the month or at least ten (10) days prior to the SE Uplift board meeting (1st Monday of the month) in order to be considered for inclusion on the board agenda.

Step 2: SE Uplift’s Board requests that advocates show involvement (e.g. discussion, vote, action) by a least one neighborhood association board. Priority will be given to actions requested by neighborhood association boards.

Step 3: All requests will be reviewed by the SE Uplift Executive Committee, with the support of the Executive Director, which will use the advocacy process matrix (see attached) to determine the next steps.

Step 4: Neighbors and groups will be invited to give a presentation in front of the appropriate committee/board or they will be directed to other organizations and resources.

Step 5: A committee/board discussion and/or vote will determine what, if any, actions SE Uplift will take.

SE Uplift reserves the right to not take action. Reasons for this may include:

  • There is another group better equipped and situated to address the issue;
  • There is not enough evidence of visible neighborhood or community support;
  • There are not adequate resources available to address the request;
  • The request falls outside our organization’s mission and values;
  • There is not adequate time for the request to be heard or requested actions to be taken.