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Why is Accessibility Important?

Disability is a unique identity category because, at one point or another, most people will have at least one disability. Despite this, our society still has many barriers to participation for folks with disabilities and accessibility is often an afterthought. At SE Uplift, we believe accessibility is an integral part of the efforts our community should make toward inclusion. Planning for accessibility makes it possible for the largest number of folks to participate (for example, accessibility measures such as hybrid meetings often benefit older folks, people with children, and adults who work full time). It also helps to shift the ways we think about disability.  

Accessibility Statement

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition values meaningful access to all programs, services, and activities. If needing accommodations for an event, please email or call (503) 232-0010 at least 48 hours prior to attending the event to let us know your access needs. You can contact us at any time to request any of our materials in alternative formats/for other access needs not related to events. SE Uplift is on the 14, 15, 66, and 75 bus lines. Our space has parking on site and an accessible entrance on one floor. 


Tips, Tools & FAQs

Resources & Background


  • SE Uplift provides communications funds to neighborhood associations and communication grants to all volunteer community groups, consider using those funds for accessibility purposes. 
  • SE Uplift also has limited funds available for accessibility purposes and will be distributed using our equity lens. To request funding, email the purpose, amount, match amount, and how this supports your larger DEIA strategy to
  • Politisit is a non-profit organization that reimburses parents and other caregivers for child care costs while they attend civic engagement meetings and activities.  Share this resource with your community!