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SE Uplift Newsletter


Portland is fortunate to have very active and involved citizens and there are always opportunities to stay connected with the community.

SE Update e-Newsletter

SE Uplift sends out regular monthly updates that focus mainly on events, workshops and other happenings within the SE Uplift coalition area as well as relevent citywide announcements. Sign up to receive SE Uplift e-communications to stay connected. SE Uplift keeps your email confidential. We will not share, sell, swap, or authorize any third party to use your e-mail address and you can easily unsubscribe at any time. Click here to sign up to receive our notices.

Review our submission policy for action alerts, monthly updates and calendar postings.

Citywide Announcements

Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement also sends out emails announcing events, forums, meetings and opportunities to make a difference. You can sign up to subscribe to topics of interest to you. You will receive email notifications scheduled when you want them. Sign up through

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