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Paint the Town Green: Litter and Graffiti Clean-Up

Paint the Town Green: Litter and Graffiti Clean-Up All supplies, morning snacks and lunch provided. Paint the Town Green is presented by KINK FM, Metro and the City of Portland Graffiti Program in partnership with the Brentwood-Darlington, Foster-Powell, Hawthorne-Division-Clinton, Lents and Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhoods.

Race and Place Conversation

How does Oregon ’s history of  racism influence our present and how can understanding historic and current impacts of racism in Oregon contribute to our sense of place and vision of the future?  How can diversity and inclusion create thriving communities?

White Ally Toolkit @ SE Uplift

How does a white person who aspires to be an ally against racism talk to their friends and families who are in denial about racism against people of color? RSVP REQUIRED

Earth Day: Day of Service & Litter Pick-Up

We are hosting a brand new event, Earth Day; A Day of Service that is POC led to support picking up some of our forgotten streets around St. Francis. (around 11th & Oak St) and building community through shifting a lens of what service looks like.

2018 NSG Celebration

Join SE Uplift as we recognize our successful 2017 grant projects and celebrate our new crop of 2018 grant recipients!

The Space Between Us: Immigrants, Refugees and Oregon

FREE DISCUSSION ABOUT IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES IN OREGON The February 26th  event is part of Oregon Humanities’ statewide Conversation Project. Global displacement is on the rise, thanks to intractable conflicts, economics, and climate change. Oregonians have and will continue to see the results of international migration in our neighborhoods. How might we build more informed, responsive, resilient, and vibrant communities? Participants will consider questions of up-rootedness, hospitality, identity, perception and… Read More »The Space Between Us: Immigrants, Refugees and Oregon