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How Do Our Values Influence Environmental Policy


The June 28th event is part of Oregon Humanities’ statewide Conversation Project.

Most of us would agree that natural resources and our surrounding environment have value, but what that value is—and how to protect it—are usually up for debate. Given competing interests and visions of the public good, how do we protect our common resources such as land, water, and air? How are our values reflected—or not reflected—in current local, national, and global environmental policies?

This is the focus of “How Do Our Values Influence Environmental Policy?” a free conversation with Monica Mueller on Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 3 PM at SE Uplift 3534 SE Main St Portland, OR 97210. This program is hosted by SE Uplift and sponsored by Oregon Humanities.


Monica Mueller is an instructor of philosophy at Portland State University and specializes in ethical and political philosophy. She published the book Contrary to Thoughtlessness: Rethinking Practical Wisdom and is interested in discussing the seemingly overwhelming problems of living together in a world with others.




*For questions/concerns or to request accommodations please contact Muz Afzal at or call (503) 232-0010 ext 319.

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