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se uplift board archives

SE Uplift Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas: Archive

Here you will find an archive of SE Uplift board meeting minutes dating back to as early as 2014. This is an excellent resource for new Neighborhood Association Board Members and SE Uplift Board Members.  You can use this to: reference a specific issue from a specific month or year, reference an important SE Uplift decisions, reference what a specific neighborhood association’s position was in a previous discussion. etc.  If you… Read More »SE Uplift Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas: Archive

Department of Justice Annual Report

All neighborhoods associations are required to register with the Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section, regardless of the amount of revenue brought in annually. Annual reports are published online for donors and other entities to reference when interested in learning more about your organization and its finances.

Secretary of State Annual Report

All neighborhood associations are required to register as non-profit corporations and renew annually with the Secretary of State, Corporate Division. Incorporation with the Secretary of State ensures that your association is a legal entity in Oregon, which provides an extra level of protection for members in addition to the protection from SE Uplift’s Directors and Officers Insurance.

Meeting Sign-In Sheet Example

Neighborhood associations are required to include a list of members in attendance in their meeting minutes. The easiest way to collect this information is through a sign-in sheet. Sign-in sheets can also provide an easy way to sign people up for your listserv or newsletter.

Chair Orientation Packet

In this packet you will find information on agenda setting, meeting notification, meeting facilitation, Robert’s Rules of Order, and more.

Land Use Chair Orientation Packet

Land use procedures and policies in Portland are sometimes complex and even people who have served as land use chairs for a long time can have difficulty understanding them. This packet includes a basic overview of the land use chair position, including information on reading and responding to land use notices.

Treasurer Orientation Packet

In this packet you will find information on financial best practices, record keeping, filing state reports, annual budgeting, and monthly reporting.

All Board Member Orientation Packet

This packet is a resource to help you understand and succeed in your role as a neighborhood association board member. Inside you will find information about Portland’s neighborhood system, SE Uplift, your responsibilities as a board member, voting and decision making requirements, and some helpful documents outlining best practices for operating your NA board.