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Secretary of State Annual Report

Incorporation with the Secretary of State:
All neighborhood associations are required to register as non-profit corporations and renew annually with the Secretary of State, Corporate Division. Incorporation with the Secretary of State ensures that your association is a legal entity in Oregon, which provides an extra level of protection for members in addition to the protection from SE Uplift’s Directors and Officers Insurance

Approximately 45 days prior to your neighborhood association’s filing deadline, a hard copy of the annual report form will be sent to the mailing address listed for your organization on the Secretary of State Website.

Your annual report can either be submitted by mail or electronically. Electronic reports process within a day. Mailed copies may take 4-6 weeks to process.

Simply review and update the President (“Chair”) and Secretary information and pay the $50 fee. We recommend each neighborhood association list SE Uplift as their mailing address, rather than list an individual that is potentially no longer serving on your board.

Check Due Date & Previous Reports:
Neighborhood associations can find when their report is due, view their previous reports, and submit their report electronically on the Secretary of State website (here). Simply search your neighborhood name and select the corresponding link.

Neighborhood associations can be reimbursed for up to $50 of their annual filing fee. To receive reimbursement, please email or mail in a reimbursement request form (download PDF version here), a copy of your annual report, and receipt of fee payment.

Mail: 3534 SE Main St, 97214

Example Report:
To download a PDF version, please click HERE.

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