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A Message from SE Uplift’s Interim Executive Director

A Message from SE Uplift’s Interim Executive Director

Hello SE neighbors. 

SE Uplift is heartbroken to see our Asian Pacific Islander (API) neighbors and friends across the country experience race and gender-based hate and violence. Hate is not tolerated nor accepted in our community, and we stand with our API community members as they reel from the most recent gun violence in Atlanta; recover from the vandalism of Asian-owned Portland businesses in January; and persevere despite the increase in racism, bias, and hate that has been unjustly directed toward Asian Pacific Islanders since the start of this pandemic. 

SE Uplift believes everyone is welcome in our community, and everyone belongs. We value and understand that our diversity makes us stronger and better. Everyone deserves to feel safe, secure, and have a sense of belonging in our neighborhoods and larger community.

SE Uplift asks that our community members continue to not only unpack our own bias, but also continue to do the hard work of confronting white-supremacy culture and rebuilding our racists systems and institutions to create a more just world where all people can live free of hate and violence because of what they look like. We have a long road ahead of us, but I know our neighbors – and they are kind, and they are determined. Let’s not accept that words of condolence are all we can offer our API neighbors as they experience on-going loss, pain, and oppression. Instead, let’s reaffirm our commitment that we can, and will, continue to create a society that is safe and inclusive for everyone.  

For additional ways allies can support the API community, see APANO’s message and resources here

To report an incident of hate, go to the Portland United Against Hate’s reporting tool here

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