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Hawthorne Area Civic Ecology
Can a partnership between business and neighborhood associations create an EcoDistrict on a shoestring budget and without city oversight? A group of like-minded activists in Southeast Portland seem to think so and with notable…
North Tabor Mural Project
In recognition of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we are highlighting the work of Christin Huja and Gail Morris with the North Tabor Mural Project. This project is one component of the neighborhood association's Neighborhood…
A Lesson In Advocacy, Equity and Sustainability
Parks, community centers, improved roadways and pedestrian amenities are common projects neighborhood associations would like to feel empowered to work on. But how are associations and other community groups supposed to overcome the planning…
Grout Language Tile Mural
What do you get when you combine language, art, nature, and dedicated parent volunteers? - A bright and whimsical tile mural celebrating the wonderful cultural diversity and creativity at Grout Elementary School.
Weed Warriors: Keys To Success
On the last Saturday of the month (March - October), come rain or shine, between nine and eighty-three Weed Warriors can be found ferociously fighting swarms of foreign green invaders. The enemy? English ivy,…
Feast For Southeast
Feast for Southeast highlights community activism and the power of neighborhood partnerships that inspire us all to continue working to build stronger communities.
A New Vision For SE Foster Road
Standing on the corner of Southeast Foster Road and 72nd Avenue, you can feel a steady breeze as cars pass by, many exceeding the posted speed limit of 35mph. A middle school age child…
Since it's inception in 2007, On-The-Move Community Integration has created life changing experiences for both adults with special needs and the community volunteers who support them.