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The Changing Role of Maps

If you are a parent of children of a certain age or perhaps if you are a person who grew up during a certain era, you might be familiar with the character Map who appears in the children’s show Dora the Explorer. Each episode, Map helps Dora figure out how to get to where she wants to go. It is a good lesson – if you don’t know where you… Read More »The Changing Role of Maps

Board Agendas & Minutes

2023 Meeting Agendas & Minutes Month Agenda Minutes January 2023 No Meeting No Meeting February 2023 PDF PDF March 2023 PDF PDF April 2023 PDF PDF May 2023 PDF PDF June 2023 PDF PDF July 2023 No Meeting No Meeting August 2023 PDF PDF September 2023 PDF PDF October 2023 PDF PDF November 2023 PDF PDF December 2023 PDF PDF 2021 Meeting Agendas & Minutes Month Agenda Minutes Jan. 2021 PDF… Read More »Board Agendas & Minutes

“Why wasn’t I notified about it?”

This is a question I frequently hear from neighbors when they learn about a new development occurring in their neighborhood. Often this question is asked when they see construction equipment on a site – their first indication that something might be going on. This year, the Indian Institute of Technology have seen a 50 per cent fall in the number of start ups registering for hiring. Flipkart, Snapdeal, OlaCabs and… Read More »“Why wasn’t I notified about it?”

How to Install CCTV Security Systems, Check Complete Guide 2017

The idea of drilling holes through the walls of your property to perform video and power cables to install a Mini security camera system might seem complicated, but several security systems come in all included plans that produce setting up your monitoring system very simple. Keep reading for assistance with obtaining and adding your own house camera system. Camera surveillance systems are quickly becoming a norm today. Many homeowners are… Read More »How to Install CCTV Security Systems, Check Complete Guide 2017

Trends in Land Use – Road Diets

Our roads serve a lot of purposes. They move people and goods. They connect us to places we want to go and to our neighbors. They sometimes help to define our neighborhoods. They sometimes divide our neighborhoods. The competing needs of our roadways have been front and center in our coalition this summer. Neighbors and city agencies have been working together to balance the mobility needs of automobiles, transit, bicycles,… Read More »Trends in Land Use – Road Diets

Announcing SE Uplift’s New Creative Engagement Grant

SE Uplift is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Creative Engagement Grant Program. These grants will fund the creation of original neighborhood association projects that inspire Portlanders to think about and engage with their community in new ways.

FIFA 18 (PS4, Xbox ONE, PC): Release date, News & tricks of New EA game

FIFA 18 release date: The release date is not yet known. Nevertheless, Fifa 15, 16 and 17 are all three released on the same date a year apart, between 22 and 23 September. It is therefore very probable that the new game of EA comes out at the end of September 2017! News: The CEO of Electronic Arts announced a game on Switch, on the sidelines of the presentation of… Read More »FIFA 18 (PS4, Xbox ONE, PC): Release date, News & tricks of New EA game