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SE Uplift & ADX Portland Invite you to Mingle, Drink and Be Inspired!

Would your neighborhood like to build garden beds, kiosks or carts? Custom signs, banners, benches, t-shirts or key chains? Would they like to learn how to make books or use a 3D printer? Then we have great news for you!

Thanks to our new partnership with ADX, SE Uplift Neighbors with an approved* neighborhood association project will receive an exciting discount of 30% on memberships, with packages starting at $35 per individual.

The ADX crew can provide you with any assistance or one-on-one instruction you may need to make your project idea a reality. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn new skills in woodworking, metal working, fabrication and design!


ADX touts itself as “What shop class should have been”. Who had the really bad high school shop experience and how did it manifest itself into this incredible workshop you have now? What’s the story behind ADX?

Kelley Roy, our Director, was running a gallery and event space in SE Portland when she discovered that there was a pent up demand in the creative community for raw, open warehouse space. She envisioned creating a space where artists, hobbyists, manufacturers, and anyone with the DIY spirit could come and make their projects happen. By June 2011, Kelley had made her vision a reality. Since its opening, ADX has continued to build a community of makers and thinkers in SE Portland.

When we (SE Uplift) think of shop class there is a lot implied—a teacher, students, instruction, etc. How can neighbors get that full class experience at ADX? Who should they reach out to and how should they communicate their needs?

Unlike shop class, ADX is a very flexible space where you can take many different paths depending on your project and what you want to accomplish. There are three levels of membership (Community, Free Time, and Unlimited) which allow you to gain access to the wood shop, metal shop, and electronics lab. You will receive a safety training so you can feel confident using the equipment. We also offer classes in metal, wood, electronics, and upholstery so you can build your skills. The great thing about working in a community workshop is there are always experienced makers around to help you work through challenges. Our Shop Master and Shop Stewards are always around the shop and happy to assist you with your project!

Are there limits to the size/scope of a project you’ll help a novice build? Or is the sky the limit?

No project is too big or too small for the shop to handle! Our members have made everything from cutting boards to boats. However, if you will need a lot of help to get your project finished you will probably need to schedule some one-on-one time with our Shop Master or one of our instructors.

What have been some of ADX’s favorite projects that have come through the work shop? Anything super crazy or really special that has made you proud/excited about the space you’ve created?

Two of our community members, Jen and Bryan, designed and built an amazing teardrop trailer on the factory floor! They came to ADX with a vision, revised it when it didn’t work, used the CNC router (a computer controlled shaping machine), to cut out their pieces, and then spent almost every day in the shop working on their masterpiece. It was awesome to see these two working together and collaborating with the community to get it finished. They even displayed their finished work in one of our First Friday shows!

And last, but certainly not least; what’s the connection to “community”? It is something that we’ve heard is important to ADX a lot, but what is the driving force behind your passion for neighbors? ADX is doing a big, super amazing, thing with SE Uplift and we want to share what your goal is with our neighborhoods.

Our vision at ADX is to make each other better by working together, doing what we love. We want to see neighbors working together and building their skills as a community. We want to take people out of their basement workshops and into a workshop where they can collaborate with other makers. We’re here to provide SE Portland with the tools, knowledge and space to make that happen.


There you have it folks! You are free to build. #Discover &  #CreateYourHood !!

*An official project of the neighborhood; voted on and approved by board. ADX will provide contracts, on a project-to-project basis for groups who have met the requirement, to be signed by the chair of your organization.


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