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Communication Funds


Every year, Neighborhood Associations within the SE Uplift district can apply for up to $500 in Communication Funds for projects that generate awareness of and participation in neighborhood activities and events, provide residents with information about local issues, and build relationships between neighbors. 

To release 2023 funds to your NA in January, please follow the following steps before December 31st:

1) PREPARE: Discuss with your NA board how it wants to spend up to $500 on Communications in 2023 and determine the costs for those efforts. Also gather receipts that document how your NA spent its 2022 Communication Funds. 

2) SUBMIT YOUR 2022 REPORT WITH YOUR 2023 PROPOSAL: Complete a short report describing how you used your 2022 Communication Funds and submit receipts for those expenses. Then describe in a few sentences how your Neighborhood Association intends to spend its $500 2023 Communications funds and complete the budget sheet.  

To access the 2023 Communication Funds, you must:

1.      Meet with your board and decide to accept your Communication Funds.

2.     Submit a Communication Funds 2023 Application + 2022 Report detailing how you plan to use the funds to your board for discussion and approval.

3.  Submit receipts via the application along with an updated budget (included in the application) reflecting how 2022 Communication Funds were spent before January 31, 2022. 


If you did not claim your Communication Funds last year, email Alex. Neighborhood Associations are encouraged to apply to our competitive grants program