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Final Reporting Tool Kit

Here you will find everything you need to wrap up your event. The Final Report Deadline for SE Uplift-area neighborhoods is Friday, May 28th, 2017.  Along with your final report to the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (online), you must also submit all backing documentation* to Mireaya Medina either by mail or email.

Click here to enter your final report online.

Reporting Checklist & Tracking: Use this to keep tabs on details during your Cleanup so you don’t have to remember them all later.

Event Summary Report Process Wondering what happens after you complete your report? Check out this flow chart!

In-Kind_Donations Tracker 2014: If you’re using SE Uplift’s Tax ID to collect in-kind donations, track them here and send the completed form to us.


Attn: Mireaya Medina

3534 SE Main Street

Portland, Oregon 97214


Subject: [Neighborhood] Backing Documentation

*Backing Documents are weight slips, receipts, invoices, promotional materials, and any other materials required to verify the data supplied in the Neighborhood Cleanup Event Summary Report Form. Receipts and invoices must be included for reimbursement purposes and must be submitted within 30 days of the cleanup. 

Check out our other cleanup toolkits: Getting Started and Additional Resources.

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