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Letters of Support and Advocacy

To request a letter from the SE Uplift Board of Directors please follow our advocacy process outlined here.

SE Uplift Support of Congressional Funding Request for Brentwood-Darlington Crossroads Safety Project, February 2024

SE Uplift Advocacy Letter On Gaza, January 2024

CNN+NECN+NWNW+SEUL Extend Public Comment on Draft City Organizational Structure, September 2023

2023 Regional Transportation Plan Draft, August 2023

SEUL Light Our Parks, March 2023

SEUL Rose Lane Project, February 2020

Letter Regarding 3.96 Code Change – SE Uplift, December 2019

2020 Metro Bond, May 2019

SEUL Letter to Prosper Portland, December 2018

Endorsement of CCIM (Central City in Motion), November 2018

82nd Ave Inclusion Into the RTP, July 2018

Reedway Overpass, July 2018

26th Ave Bike Lanes, April 2018

SEUL Parks Letter, January 2018

Electric Bus Use, TriMet July, 2017

Clean Air Initiative Letter of Support June, 2017

Request for City to exercise first right of refusal on Washington High School Site April, 2017

Endorsement of the 60’s Bikeway, TSP #70071, as “Priority Project” April, 2017

NE Halsey Letter of Endorsement, Metro Flexible Funds  November, 2016

Brentwood/Darlington Letter of Endorsement, Metro Flexible Funds November, 2016

Powell-Division Transit and Development Project Metro Response Letter October, 2016

Powell-Division Transit and Development Project Opposition Letter to Metro September, 2016

Statement on Orlando, Florida Mass Shooting July, 2016

TSP Testimony March 18th, 2016

Request to Reconsider the 20s Bikeway Route February 16, 2015

Support For 82nd Ave Rapid Transit Bus Alignment February 16, 2015

SE Uplift Board Response RE Washington High School February 16, 2015

Fritz Reponse RE Washington High School January 7, 2016

Racial Justice Statement December 7, 2015

Request to Delay Surplus Property Action – Washington High School November 24, 2015

Support for reconfiguration of NE Halsey between 67th and 74th March 23, 2015

Email Response From Nick Fish Regarding Request for Council to Seek Open Reservoir EPA Waiver January 23, 2015

Request for Council to Seek Open Reservoir EPA Waiver January 21, 2015

Research Report: Commercial Street Fee Methodology January 2, 2015

Specific Request for Public Vote on Proposed Street Fee December 1, 2014

Request for All Work Papers Behind Street Fee Calculations November 28, 2014

Letter of Concern Regarding Lack of Public Involvement, Process & Potential Outcome on The Proposed Street Fee  November 6, 2014

Letter of Concern Regarding Regulatory Changes Legitimizing Short Term Room Rentals in Residential Neighborhoods October 22, 2014

Request to Rezone Green Thumb Property October 20, 2014

Request to Use Right of Way Parcels for Community Gardens and Urban Farming June 17, 2014

Request for Elimination the Proposed Regulatory Changes in RICAP 6 Regarding Short Term Rentals May 7, 2014

Request for Revision of Parking Regulations (Single Dwelling Houses) May 6, 2014

Letter of support to Nike’s Employee Grant Board June 29, 2013

Letter of Support Regarding OLCC Exterior Service April 4, 2013

Request for Review of Demolition Definition and Standards January 30, 2013

Request for ONI Standards Review September 25, 2012

Request for Further Study of Health and Environmental Impacts of Coal Trains June 22, 2012

Request for Public Commentary and Meetings Regarding Economic and Environmental Impacts of Nestle’s Proposal  March 7, 2012

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