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Board Binder

The documents on this page are digital versions of the materials we hand out to new Board members during our annual training session.

1. Board Packet: Welcome and Overview Documents (click to open packet)

This packet gives an overview of SE Uplift, what to expect as a SE Uplift board member, and requirements for board service.


2. Organizational Documents

These resources highlight the various documents that guide the work of SE Uplift’s Board and staff.

    • SE Uplift Articles of Incorporation
    • SE Uplift Bylaws – these are our governing rules by which we operate
    • The ONI Standards – the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI)* Standards are the regulations for Neighborhood Associations, Business District Associations, and District Coalitions to follow.
      • *ONI is now the Office of Community & Civic Life
    • SE Uplift’s 21-22 Grant Agreement with City of Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life – SE Uplift is funded through this office, along with the six other district coalitions that provide services to neighborhood associations


3. SE Uplift Policies and Procedures

These resources link to various pages on our website that highlight policies and procedures relevant to board service.

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