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Land Use & Transportation Support & Information for Community Organizations

Photo taken at Mulugeta Seraw’s commemoration and sign cap unveiling at the corner of SE Pine and 31st Street. The sign caps recognize and honor Mulugeta Seraw, an Ethiopian student who was murdered by three white supremacists in 1988 because of his race. The sign cap commemoration was a collaboration between SE Uplift, Urban League of Portland, Kerns Neighborhood Association, and the City of Portland. 

SE Uplift’s Neighborhood Planning Program works in directly with community organizations to improve community understanding of how our city works and to foster public participation in shaping it. We can help in the following ways listed below. 
Also, Community Organization and groups are  welcome to join our monthly Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) meetings to learn more about what’s happening in SE and city-wide. 

Provide Information & Connections

Share current and future land use and transportation - related information, data, news, resources, advocacy opportunities, and connect your organization/group with other interested parties and content experts.

Develop Strategy

Strategize how your community/group can impact the issues that matter to you and develop next steps.

Issues such as climate change, transit access, road safety, tenant rights, equity in city systems and policy - to name a few! Let's connect!

Conduct Advocacy

Once you identify an issue you care about, SE Uplift can help you take action through advocacy.

Advocacy may include connecting with "influencers", presenting to decision-makers, collecting data, developing messaging, convening events, and more. Let's talk!

Create Resources

Create customized hard copy or online resources or tools to support your efforts.

Co-develop educational projects and events for youth and adults - such as interactive trainings, walking assessments, zoning workshops, or design competitions.


Financial resources for your work around civic engagement and special projects can come from a variety of entities with a number of criteria. SE Uplift can help you identify and even apply for funding as part of our capacity building support. Check in with SE Uplift for more information on where to start.

Join our Board

SE Uplift's Board of Directors needs voices from, and wants to support, all corners of our Coalition community. Consider joining our Board to amplify your Organization's work and ensure diverse perspectives and ideas are present in our Board,.

SE Uplift endorses the Just Crossing Alliance to Right Size the I-5 Replacement Bridge and create a S.A.F.E.R. bridge. Learn more and join the email list for updates from the Right Size, Right Now campaign.

Connect with SE Uplift today!

Contact the Neighborhood Planning Program Manager to see if we can help your organization or group! 

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