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Communications Funds & Grants FAQ

Historically, SE Uplift provides our neighborhood associations with a small amount of funding that can be used for communication and outreach efforts. Our priority for communication funding in 2021 is to make funds available to all of our diverse SE Portland community, and to ensure funds support strategies that use best practices for effective and accessible outreach and communications. 

As of the fiscal year 2021, communications funds and grants will be available to all community organizations serving the Southeast Portland. Have questions about the program and process? Check out the FAQs we get below! 

The goal of the communication funding is to support Southeast community organizations’ reach the broad and diverse SE Community with effective and accessible outreach. Historically, neighborhood associations (NAs) have received the total $20,000 for their communications needs with each NA receiving anywhere from $500-1,300 per year.

In response to challenges with this program and to improve access to our resources, SE Uplift has updated the way Communication funds are allocated in the last two years. As of 2021, NAs can apply for a $500.00 communication fund amount and NAs and community groups/organizations may apply for a communication grant of up to $1,000. Services and projects most likely to receive a communication grant will be thoughtful and part of a larger strategy for engagement and communication. Expenses may include flyer printing, website hosting, banners, newsletters, and translation services.

Neighborhood Associations can apply for their communications funds through our website. The funds will be available as of January 1st, 2021. The form can be found on the communications fund webpage. NAs must have the form approved by their board and returned to SE Uplift by March 7th 2021. NAs may submit their application electronically to

Communication grants are open to all community groups. Applicants can qualify for up to $1,000 in grant money.

The method by which funding, and reimbursements are allocated is dependent on your status as an organizations.

Organizations with a designated 501© (3) status or fiscal sponsor will receive a check to allocate towards your project. Other groups must authorize all financial requests with a signed Payment/Reimbursement Request Form, which describes the expense.

All requests must be accompanied by an invoice or receipt and, if applicable, a digital or hard copy of outreach materials produced.

If submitting a request for payment to a vendor, please provide an invoice along with the Payment/Reimbursement Request Form.

If submitting a request for reimbursement please provide a receipt, or invoice showing the expense paid, along with your Payment/Reimbursement Request Form.

Copies of checks will not be accepted as proof of payment.

Communication Funds are non-competitive funds available to SE Neighborhood Associations who apply by the deadline and submit for reimbursement by the deadline. 

Communication Grants are competitive funds open to all SE community groups and organizations who apply by the deadline. 

The communications grant application opens January 1st, 2021. Proposals are due March 7th. Grants will be awarded as early as April 6th. Grantees will have to complete their projects and submit brief reports by December 1st.

SE Uplift will pay all authorized requests as quickly as possible and in no more than 30 days of receipt.

Check requests are submitted to the CPA once a week. Checks are delivered to SE Uplift the following Monday morning.

Requests submitted after noon on Thursday will be processed the following week.

All checks exceeding $500.00 may take more than a week to process.

Checks will be mailed immediately once they have been processed and signed, unless other arrangements have been made.

Yes, but it must be part of a strategy to support your group’s engagement and communication goals. If you are uncertain about whether or not a partnership effort qualifies as an expense please contact the Communications and Outreach Manager,,  to discuss the matter before taking action.

For example: a $500 contribution must result in $500 worth of publicity, whether you are co-organizing the project or not.

Some of the ways you might receive recognition or visibility include, but are not limited to: having your logo on all outreach materials and online communications associated with the project, having a physical presence during culmination of the project (ex: tabling at an event), or by receiving public acknowledgement at the project site (ex: formal, verbal or visual, attribution at an event, permanent plaque)*.

*Must provide documentation to SE Uplift to support rational behind using communications funds to partner (IE flyers, screen shots of website postings, sponsorship benefits, etc.).

It’s unlikely a communication grant application seeking to donate those funds to another entity would be awarded funding. 

Communication funds given to Neighborhood Associations are intended to be used for outreach related expenses only and may not be used to make donations. Sponsorship may be considered an appropriate use of funding depending on level of visibility offered in exchange for the sponsorship. The same considerations for partnerships described above apply. Please contact if your neighborhood wishes to use communications funds to sponsor a project/event.

Communication grants are competitive, so drastic changes to the project are not allowed. We understand that tweaks may occur, contact the Communications and Outreach manager if you have questions or concerns. 

Communication funds are more flexible and fund proposals can be changed/updated throughout the year with board approval. Any major changes will need to be submitted to and approved by SE Uplift prior to requesting reimbursement for the new expenses.

Sorry. No, communications funds cannot be used to purchase items the group plans to sell.

Unfortunately, as much as we all love food, communications funds cannot be used on snacks or food for meetings.

Paola De La Cruz

Communications & Outreach Manager

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