Neighborhood Involvement in Land Use & Transportation

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Roads, sidewalks, housing, employment, goods and services, and transportation options that exist in a neighborhood greatly impact the livability and health of a community. Southeast Uplift brings together neighbors, community groups, and government agencies to address concerns and opportunities related to our transportation system and land use patterns. SE Uplift’s Neighborhood Planning program supports residents in playing an active role in land use and transportation issues in their neighborhoods.

Whether it is advocating for a new crosswalk, examining ways to improve an unimproved street, or advice on how to negotiate transportation decision making at the city, Southeast Uplift can support you and your neighborhood. For support with land use, transportation, or development issues contact the SE Uplift Neighborhood Planning Program Manager, Leah Fisher, at (503) 232-0010 x313 or

Services SE Uplift provides residents, neighborhood associations, and other community organizations:

  • Training and assistance in understanding and responding to development proposals.
  • Organizing neighborhoods to influence land use and transportation policy.
  • Convening the Southeast Uplift Land Use and Transportation Committee to address land use, transportation and sustainability issues affecting multiple neighborhoods across the coalition.