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Neighborhood Association Bylaw Template

Templates: These new bylaw templates (updated January 2015) are meant to help neighborhood associations in Portland develop and update their bylaws. Neighborhood associations are not required to use these templates.

Role of bylaws: Neighborhood association bylaws are the internal rules by which neighborhood associations operate. Bylaws should focus on the governance of the association, i.e., how decisions are made and implemented. Well-written bylaws can promote efficient administration processes and can help a neighborhood association accomplish its goals.

Requirements: Neighborhood associations are required to comply with

•Their articles of incorporation, bylaws, and board policies
•The ONI Standards
ORS 65 the Oregon State Non-profit Corporation Law.
IRS requirements (if registered as a federal tax exempt 501(c)3 organization with the IRS)

If you have questions, please contact your SE Uplift staff liaison.

Background Information Including A Glossary of Terms (Click here to download)

BYLAWS background (1)b

Bylaw Template With Optional Language & Annotation (Click here to download)


Bylaw Template Without Annotation (Click here to download)


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