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FIFA 18 (PS4, Xbox ONE, PC): Release date, News & tricks of New EA game

FIFA 18 release date: The release date is not yet known. Nevertheless, Fifa 15, 16 and 17 are all three released on the same date a year apart, between 22 and 23 September. It is therefore very probable that the new game of EA comes out at the end of September 2017!

News: The CEO of Electronic Arts announced a game on Switch, on the sidelines of the presentation of the console on January 13. Indeed, the port of FIFA on the console of Nintendo is confirmed and it would be indeed FIFA 18 and not FIFA 17, already released (especially on PS4 and Xbox One). – The Frostbite graphics engine will, according to the director of the Studio, carry the FIFA saga to new graphics lands. The public will certainly be much better done in FIFA 18!

The Chinese Super League in FIFA 18?

It is possible to vote for the championship you want to see in the game. Going to FIFA 18 PC, a wide selection is offered to you to embellish one of these tournaments to the game!

The players were listened to! EA announced that FIFA 18 would offer a reworked feature that all players expected: adventure mode! – We talked about it recently, the Frostbite engine will allow the Fifa series to explore new graphic territories. We recently learned that the so-called dynamic weather would be in the game! – Did the cover of the UK game leak ?! – Will the functionality of the collective, detested by the players, disappear? – A petition was launched by a group of players wanting to see an online career mode appear. It’s, for now, more than 6000 signatures that are collected, not enough for EA to listen but if the blow gets bigger, the studio may pay attention to the demands of the fans!

The gameplay of FIFA 18: There is still no information or gameplay about the game. – In addition to the usual players, some new heads risks to make their appearances. The Chinese teams and the women’s teams are pointed at.

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