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Disability Justice Workshop

Workshop Description:

Disability culture is vibrant and beautiful; however, these are not the words most people use to describe our community.  Our workshop will go beyond typical disability training on ADA access to uncovering Disability culture, understanding Disability Justice Principles, and learning about access intimacy.   Disability Justice (DJ) principles are critical in progressing the Disability movement to include leadership by those most impacted, intersectionality, interdependence, and unconditional love.  This workshop will go deeper into these ideas and process how we can implement them in our daily lives. 


About the Presenter:

Kathy Coleman, MSW is the Artistic Director of the Disability Art and Culture Project.  She is an educator, choreographer, and cultural activist. Her work revolves around themes of Disability, intersectionality, and the body.   She does not shy away from dark truths, and the injustices her community faces daily.  She hopes that by embracing Cross-Disability culture and recognizing our biases, we can create communities where we value  Disabled people for their perspectives and contributions. 


*For more information about this free workshop, please contact Muz Afzal at (503) 232-0010 ext 319 or SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition values meaningful access to all programs, services, and activities. Please contact Muz Afzal prior to attending to request accommodations.

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