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SE Uplift DEIA Work-group & Documents

SE Uplift's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Work

SE Uplift’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) workgroup – consisting of the staff, executive committee and human rights activist and consultant, Cliff Jones – developed a set of DEIA documents to guide the organization on fulfilling its commitment to ensuring that our programs, decisions and practices invite historically marginalized members within SE Portland’s neighborhoods to play a greater role in the civic life of their community. 

 1) DEIA Statement which acknowledges the harm that historic practices and policies have produced systemic inequities for under-represented, disenfranchised and marginalized communities that resulted in harmful and unfair outcomes and SEUL’s commitments to correct that.

2) DEIA Code of Ethics is a set of principles designed to create a shared understanding with all staff, volunteers, recipients of grants or services and board members on how to conduct themselves and the values we stand for when working or partnering with SE Uplift. All staff, board members, volunteers, and recipients of funding and services must read and acknowledge this DEIA Code of Ethics. It’s also a tool SE Uplift can use to hold partners accountable for their conduct related to diversity, equity, inclusion and access.

3) Equity Lens which is a tool SEUL staff and board volunteers will use to evaluate decisions, activities and programming moving forward.

These documents will allow our organization to better serve everyone in our community and ensure we create space and opportunity for everyone in our community.  The documents were approved by the SE Uplift Board July 6th 2020 for their adoption. The DEIA workgroup and these documents compliment the work SE Uplift staff has been doing for years to modify our programming to serve historically underserved populations within our coalition area, and partner and support more diverse groups and community members in our district.

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