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Portland’s Neighborhoods


What is a Neighborhood Association?

Neighborhood associations are the officially recognized voice of Portland’s 95 neighborhoods. Participation is voluntary and open to all residents who live, own property or a business within a neighborhood’s boundaries. Neighborhood associations actively work to reflect the issues and needs of its membership. Each association is self-governed by citizen-written bylaws, which state the boundaries and criteria for membership, and outline processes and procedures for functions such as voting, considering proposals and handling grievances. The City of Portland has developed a minimum set of standards which neighborhood associations must follow in order to be recognized by Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

Read a comprehensive overview of the inception of the neighborhood system.

From Portland: Planning, Politics, and Growth in a Twentieth-Century City, by Carl Abbott by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. Copyright 1983 by the University of Nebraska Press. (Pages 183 – 206) Read more

What Neighborhood Association Do I Belong To?

Everyone who lives, works or owns property in Portland belong to one of the 95 neighborhood associations in the city. To find out which neighborhood association you are in, visit

For information about neighborhood associations within Southeast Uplift’s coalition area, click here.

For information about neighborhood associations and district coalitions across the city, visit

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