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We would like to thank the Grant Review Committee for their many hours of careful consideration and thoughtful discussion. Together they evaluated and provided feedback available to 42 applications!

Scroll to view the IDEA Communication Grants Recipients and the Community Small Grants Recipients.

2022 IDEA Communication Grant Recipients:

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition Awards $10,000 in IDEA Communication Grants to 9 Community Projects for 2022!
Each year, SE Uplift provides community groups with a small amount of funding to be used for communication and outreach efforts. Our priority for communication and outreach funding in 2021-22 is to make funds available to our diverse SE Portland community and to ensure funds support strategies and best practices for effective and accessible outreach and community engagement. The IDEA Communication Grants will be awarded to communications projects that focus on inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.



Equitable Giving Circle

Equitable Giving Circle is a Black womxn led organization doing community care by providing food to BIPOC families, sending care packages to elders, distributing school supplies, and gifting plants. The DEIA Capacity Building Grant will increase access to their programs and services by providing printed and online materials in additional languages, updating EGC website to include the option for translation and accessibility.

PDX Women of Color

The anticipated outcome is creating a website that is user friendly, thus allowing PDX Women of Color members to easily access all the information they need. In turn, this will attract new members to the site because of its ease of use and accessibility. The grant will help create a user centered experience with intriguing content, and meaningful information that is engaging for everyone who visits the site.

Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education

The Keys, Beats, Bars: From Pier to Peer’s Music Video Program will take place in the Portland Metro Area offered to underserved youth. While youth continue to discover themselves, creative outlets are at the forefront of positive human development.

Montavilla Farmers Market

This project will activate a more inclusive space at Montavilla Farmers Market by increasing access to the farmers market. Educational materials and way finding collateral will be developed and translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian and Simplified Chinese to support community members with EBT (SNAP and TANF) benefits. Farmers Market Fund has provided feedback from the SNAP Client Advisory Board that informs this work. This project will increase use of EBT at the market.

Unity Futbol Training

The barriers of outreach that the clients of UFT experience include language barriers, access to transportation and technology. This grant will help to support funding towards employee reimbursement of mileage for far distance events, sharing information through brochures/flyers, regular meetings, expos and league fees in regards to being able to pay to play in tournaments.

NorthStar Clubhouse

We want our translated written materials to be professional, accurate, and appropriate to our target audiences. The top 5 non-English languages in Portland Outreach and paid translators will help us reach community members and support sustained involvement in our program.

St. Peter & Paul Episcopal Church

SPP will host a series of three neighborhood listening sessions in 2022 to gather input as we plan a new building to serve the 82nd Avenue community with affordable housing, community space, and commercial space. We will provide professional translation in the 5 most common non-English languages used in the Montavilla neighborhood. This will result in a more diverse set of voices informing our planning process.

Samewave Radio

The funds would eliminate barriers of entry for an entire group of underserved creatives. We will provide microphones, headphones and mixers to give to musicians free of charge for radio shows as a baseline. These funds will also be used to make accessibility improvements to our website. These improvements include making our website viewable on more devices, integrating audio and video to aid in navigation, improving alt text, and adding customization. The changes will help us reach more people and better facilitate the discovery of amazing talent

Creston Kenilworth Neighborhood Association

CKNA seeks to lower barriers to civic engagement and community connection among historically underrepresented groups in Creston-Kenilworth. DEIA-focused strategic planning guided by a consultant will hone communications strategy and goals. We will create new outreach materials in partnership with Cleveland High students.

2022 Community Small Grants Recipients:

SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition Awards $51,971 in Community Small Grants to 14 Community Projects for 2022!
Community Small Grants program offers the opportunity to engage community members across the city. By offering seed-money, training, and technical support, the program enables people and organizations to identify community needs, develop collaborative projects, and see ideas through to completion. The Community Small Grants program builds the skills and capacity of project leaders to shape the place where they live. Increased capacity creates confidence and from confidence grows ongoing engagement of new community leaders.



Unity Futbol Training

The Unity Futbol Training (UFT) provides youth of African descent a place to cultivate and develop positive social skills through soccer. Youth increase their creative and cognitive skills, to develop self-initiative and foster positive self-image.

NorthStar Clubhouse

NorthStar’s outreach initiative aims to increase Clubhouse membership to represent the diversity of Portland and support limited English proficiency membership participation with a Mental Health diagnosis.

Edúcate Ya

Edùcate Ya will eliminate barriers Latine people experience in accessing healthcare during the pandemic. Edùcate Ya, Oregon Health Authority, Portland Mercado, Portland Tennis and Education, Alder Commons, St. Michael’s church, and others host vaccination events and coordinate access.

Samewave Radio

The Samewave Radio (SWR) Upstart Program provides training to local Black and Brown DJ’s, musicians on online radio and opportunity to broadcast on community radio. The program will teach a diverse class of creatives the ins and outs of setting up, planning and executing an online radio show as well as promoting and growing an audience. 

Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education​

The Keys, Beats, Bars program provides free audio, visual programming workshops to underserved youth participants. It will be provided at polycentric sites with partners and culminate in the production of professional quality music videos, songs, public events and livestream events.

Tin Can Phone

The Tin Can Phone (TCP) is a podcast about post-carceral life in Oregon and abroad. The TCP podcast platform amplifies the voices of formerly incarcerated humans and creates a forum for shining a spotlight on issues and perspectives that the general public may not be aware of.

Friends of Brooklyn Park

A neighborhood survey with Grout PTA will help the Summer Youth Program learn about community needs, discover communication channels used to find community activities, and create more effective communications to reach a broader, diverse community. 

Folktime Inc.

Our Neighborhood Bliss Garden community work project will expand to introduce mental health wellness and equity concepts consists of outreach through 10 special events that connect our organization and the peers that we work with to our diverse partners and our neighborhood.

Passion Impact


Through our Youth Learning Cohort (YLC), Passion Impact (PI) provides guidance and space for students to engage in learning 8 social justice topics culminating in the creation of a social justice community event that the students create and lead for the SE Portland community.

Cultivate Initiatives

Our project is to make and distribute 25 Pre-made Post-Sweep Survival Kits to replace key pieces of survival gear of unhoused neighbors that has been damaged or taken during a sweep (the forced relocation of unhoused neighbors, often accompanied by confiscation of belongings). These kits will then be handed out when exposure to the elements has historically been the most lethal.

Our Happy Block Coalition & Cavalry

This Neighborhood Garden will increase our community’s access to healthy, affordable food, while improving individual health and strengthening our neighborhood bonds through cross-cultural and inter-generational connections. Families from all cultures can have a space to grow traditional foods unavailable in the supermarket and cross-pollinate ideas through food, gardening and shared interests.

Conscious Growth

The purpose of the Conscious Growth Speaker Series is to amplify diverse voices and promote education through an equitable lens by providing a platform to showcase presentations from inspirational BIPOC and LGTBQIA+ speakers. This opportunity allows local community members to share ideas, stories, experiences, and knowledge about a specific topic they are passionate about. 

St. Peter & Paul Episcopal Church

In collaboration with APANO, Rahab’s Sisters, and other potential partners, SPP will host a series of three neighborhood listening sessions in 2022 to gather community input as we plan a new building to serve the 82nd Avenue community with affordable housing, community space, and commercial space. A broader array of voices will be involved in SPP’s development process and incorporate the needs of underserved neighbors into our plans.  

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

The Sunnyside Shower Program has provided access to hygiene necessities and creates a welcoming community space for houseless folks in our neighborhood. This effort has been run entirely by volunteers, some of whom are currently or recently houseless themselves. A paid Shower Coordinator position can compensate a houseless volunteer for their labor, alleviating hardships they face, and strengthening the longevity of the Shower Program.

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