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Yes, please do! Portland is working hard to grow its urban forest and the City even offers free or subsidized trees through a number of programs and non-profits. 

Trees are great for adding bio diversity, reducing the need for stormwater infrastructure, clean our air, slow traffic, reduce the heat islant effect, and just creating beautiful communities. It’s no surprise then that the city would encourage planting of trees. Go to the Urban Forestry’s website for information about tree planting.

Friends of Trees is an amazing local organization that help neighbors plant trees for a nominal fee. See more on their website here

The best way to prevent the demolition of a beloved home in your neighborhood, is to know and make your neighbor(s) aware that you (or someone you know) is interested in buying the property if they ever wanted to sell. People sell their homes for a variety of reasons and particularly vulnerable folks on a fixed income may fall victim to selling their home quickly and to the easiest/highest bidder, which are often investors with cash on hand. You may become aware of a pending demolition by a mailed notice, word or mouth, or by going onto and viewing demolition permits in the “gallery” section. Neighbors can stop a demolition once a permit has been issued by appealing it. The appleal process costs 

Land Use & Transportation Development Resources

Portland Maps: View maps from the City of Portland with zoning, permit, and demographic information about crime, schools, parks, properties, transportation, the environment and more. 

Portland Map App: Future plans and policy that impacts land use.

Next Portland: Writes about large projects and major alterations happening in Portland that are in the design phase or under construction. 

Other Resources: Explore the other resources . Learn about other Bureaus xxx 

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Questions, concerns related to land use decision, Bureau meetings, notices, planning efforts, demolitions? Contact the Neighborhood Planning Program Manager: Leah Fisher, (503) 232-0010 ext. 313.