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Community Liaison Services

Are you an individual or small group with a great idea of how to make your neighborhood an inclusive, healthy, and engaged place for all of your neighbors? Maybe it’s by creating art together, providing a service, meeting a need, organizing neighbors around an activity,  building leadership, advocating for policy change, or some other placemaking or community building activity. 

SE Uplift provides a number of services and resources to support new, and small, groups and organizations getting started on their path to actualizing an idea, a project, or policy change that makes our community more resilient and inclusive.

Our Liaison Team can:

Base Level Services​

Additional Services​

Base level of support to Neighborhood Associations and other Groups who meet eligibility criteria:

  • Attend neighborhood meetings twice a year to support the annual elections process and share information.

  • Conducts board member orientation by providing resource materials at elections, invitations to trainings, and hosting bi-annual new board member orientations.

  • Support annual election preparation by providing process and communication resources.

  • Send reminders on, and provide assistance with, submitting communication funds proposals and reimbursement requests.

  • Send reminders and provide assistance to ensure compliance with annual fillings requirements.

  • Connect members with appropriate bureau(s), organizations, resource(s), other SE Uplift program staff, and other volunteers when a need is identified.

  • Help answer organizational process, structural, policy, or procedural questions and share best practices in areas we have knowledge/expertise.

Upon request, and depending on availability, liaisons may also be able to do the following additional support:

  • Lead or assist with an annual visioning or goal setting session
  • Promote neighborhood events through SE Uplift’s communication channels.
  • Consult on strategy and planning for various events or trainings.
  • Connect you and your board with other NA leaders for resource and information sharing; trainings and resources offered by the City and partner organizations; and advocacy efforts and resources at the coalition and city-level.
  • Attend additional neighborhood association meetings when a need is present.
  • Brainstorm and/or support: community building efforts; communication strategies; diversity, equity, inclusion efforts, and other efforts to increase civic engagement, leadership development, and community building. 
  • Work with neighborhoods to capture information and data to use in: reports, best practices, toolkits, and more.
  • Help with trouble-shooting other organizational issues or barriers the NA comes across. 

Eligibility Criteria

Review the following eligibility criteria before you apply:

  1. Are you a small group of community members, small state non-profit, neighborhood association with a big idea and limited capacity?

  2. Do your work/mission/idea align with the mission of SE Uplift?

  3. Will your work be conducted within and/or serve a population within our boundaries?

  4. Are you willing to sign an agreement stating your work/organization  aligns with our mission, values, and that you commit to our code of conduct?

  5. Willing to attend one or more DEI trainings and commit to sharing back with group.

*Given our commitment to equity, preference will be given to groups, individuals, and organizations we have historically underserved. 

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