SE Uplift provides insurance coverage for our neighborhood association board members, events and street banners.

The first type of insurance coverage that SE Uplift offers is liability insurance for neighborhood association events and activities.  If your neighborhood association would like insurance coverage for an upcoming event, you must submit SE Uplift’s special events questionnaire.  Once completed, staff will send the request to our insurance agent for review and approval.  We recommend that you submit this application at least 1 month prior to the event so that the required insurance documentation can be provided along with your permit.  For your reference, we have provided the links to commonly needed event permits for the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R).

In addition to coverage for events, SE Uplift’s liability insurance is required when hanging street banners either for an event or permanently as a neighborhood identifier.  In order to hang banners, applicants must acquire a permit through the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and the utility company where the banners will be hung.  We have created a banner permit toolkit to help you navigate the permitting process for banners and also included PBOT’s Cross Street Banner Application Instructions and PGE’s permit instructions and application.

The second type of insurance coverage that SE Uplift provides is Directors and Officers insurance for all SE Uplift and neighborhood association board members.  All incorporated nonprofits are protected from law suits as long as their complying with their mission and bylaws, however there is always the possibility that a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit may be filed against your organization.  Federal and State SLAPP Suit laws protect you, acting within your volunteer capacity, from being sued in these instances, however you will have to hire an attorney and pay associated fees to prove the wrongful suit.  The Directors and Officers insurance that SE Uplift carries provides board members with the funds necessary to prove the suit falls under the SLAPP suit protections.

Lastly, SE Uplift provides a very limited volunteer accident insurance policy, which would help to cover minimal expenses such as deductibles.  This policy is for all board members and members of the 20 neighborhood associations and the SE Uplift board.  Once funds are used they are gone until the next fiscal year.