Advocacy Request

If you live in Portland, you live in one of Portland’s officially recognized neighborhoods–each with its own neighborhood association. A neighborhood association serves its residents by holding a warm and encouraging space for community action and input. These are places for neighbors to come together to address various issues and hopes for their neighborhood and that aim to create a platform from which all neighbors can effectively work to improve their communities.
  • Have an issue or an announcement you'd like to share with our neighborhood or SE Uplift* Board(s)? We want to hear it!

Follow These 3 Steps To Request Space on a Neighborhood Association Agenda:

Step 1: Review the Neighborhood Meeting Schedule and Contact Table to identify the neighborhood board(s) you’d like to present to. Don’t know which neighborhood has a stake in your issue or would benefit from your announcement? Take a look at our interactive map to find out! Keep in mind that each neighborhood receives many requests for agenda items and it is possible that you will not be offered time at a meeting.

Step 2: Collect and prepare all relevant information. Whether you are hoping to present to one of our boards or all 20, they are going to want to know a few things about you before setting time aside on their agendas. Keep in mind that agendas go out a week in advance. If you have an urgent/time-sensitive issue and the meeting you’re hoping to present at is less than two weeks away, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to secure time.

Here’s the information you need to gather:

  1. Who you are:  A neighbor, a representative or an advocate? Provide a little context.
  2. How do we get a hold of you? Provide at least your basic contact information so the board can reach you in the event that something changes or more information is needed.
  3. What do you want to present or have a discussion about?
  4. What outcomes are you hoping for? Will you want the board to take an action or show support? Or are you just hoping to make an announcement? You will need to have more information ready if you’re asking for the board’s support. If you are looking for support on a potentially contentious issue, both sides will need to be presented before the board can take a position. Be transparent about this up front and you’re more likely to help set in motion the steps that need to be taken before the board may call a vote.
  5. How long will your presentation take? Ask for the amount of time you’d like, but be prepared to be flexible. Whether you get that amount or less, make sure that you can fit your presentation in the allotted time. All boards do their very best to keep meetings running on time – this respects the time and commitment of the neighbors who attend meetings.
  6. Is your presentation time-sensitive? Include any deadlines in the information you provide. Make your request for time on the agenda at least two weeks before the meeting. However, if an issue is time-sensitive, it may be possible to carve a little time out in the agenda.
  7. Do you have any additional information that can be provided to the board ahead of time? Put together any information you have that is relevant to your presentation and that will help the board make an informed decision on what action to take. This might include links to online information, PDFs, maps, etc.

Step 3: Send your “packet” of compiled and relevant information (Step 2), along with your formal request, at least two weeks in advance, to the neighborhood President/Chair. Contact information can be found on the Neighborhood Meeting Schedule and Contact Table.

If you have an announcement, find your neighborhood contact at the link titled "Neighborhood Meeting Schedule and Contact Table"​

*If you’d like to present to the SE Uplift Board please follow our Advocacy and Presentation Request Process.